Ceremony represents slowing down, taking care of ourselves and celebrating what’s around us. We’re here to subvert the idea that a ceremony needs to be a grand scene or elaborate event. Instead it’s about the rituals and reverence in the everyday moments. The small moments. The simple moments. 


We revolve around intentionality - the power in pausing and slowing down - so we notice our lives. Next is taking care, supporting our bodies, health as a foundation for experience. We celebrate real food, pleasure and nourishment. Last but certainly not least is enjoy. Because that’s what it’s all about. 


We’re honoured to share the goodness of cacao. A plant revered for thousands of years. Our cacao is sourced from an Indigenous community in the Peruvian Amazon, who practice their traditional, regenerative techniques in harmony with the land. In supporting their cacao production, their community can grow and remain autonomous. The harvest result is high grade, extremely pure, full flavoured native bean cacao - packed full of the potent nutritional value we love and know from cacao.


Ceremony is a rich, wholesome blend packed with nutrients to ease stress, elevate your mood, clear your mind and calm your body. 100% organic - nothing artificial or synthetic added. Only the most pure cacao and a handful of superfoods from Mother Nature.