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Love and kindness in the media

Interview with The Herbal

Ema Taylor is a Sydney based naturopath who also happens to make delicious organic cacao. Ceremony Cacao asks you to slow down and find the space to create a little ceremony in life, by sipping mindfully on some hot cacao. I’m sure most of us wouldn’t need much convincing, especially in the knowledge that only the highest quality cacao and medicinal herbs go into her blends. Recently Ema travelled to Peru, straight to the source to see the cacao growing and production process first hand and connect with the ancestral land of this revered plant.

Why you should choose good quality chocolate + delicious recipe

Almost everyone loves chocolate, but not all chocolate loves us back. However, this Easter you can have your chocolate and be healthy, too.

This super simple recipe by naturopath and founder of Ceremony Cacao Ema Taylor puts a healthy spin on those addictive but conventional peanut butter cups. The beauty of this recipe is that it contains only four ingredients, and they all have health benefits.

Galactagogue (Breast Milk Promoting) Chocolate Cookies

Throughout history mothers from many cultures have utilised galactagogue foods to promote or increase the flow of breast milk. This recipe created for The Baby Buyer is quick and simple to make & contains a number of breast milk promoting ingredients.

The Larder Door – Meet the producer

A little interview with Lena from The Larder Door on why we started Ceremony, our beliefs on good quality food and where we see ourselves in  the future.


GoodnessMe Box Nutritionist, Melissa Fine voted Ceremony as her favourite hot chocolate in Sydney on the GoodnessMe Blog. Tried and tested at Little Bay Organics.

Finders Keepers – Winter Gift Guide by Merci Perci

Merci Perci‘s top winter gift ideas, her inspiration “Relaxed Sundays in slippers and a cosy dressing gown. Cups of tea, eating pastries and snuggles with my cheeky toddler if she’ll stop for a second.”